CEO Greeting


The Taebaek Mountain Range that retains the industrial heritage of coal and railroad!
High 1 Choochoo Park is located in its heart!

Dear customers,
Welcome to High 1 Choochoo Park.

High 1 Choochoo Park is a unique railway experience resort that can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old, utilizing the only railway industry heritage and local resources in Korea.
Using various facilities such as steam locomotives operating between the switchback section, which is a zig-zag railway, mountain-type rail bikes boasting the highest speed in Korea using downhill slopes, and unique mini trains that custormers can experience the world famous trains, High 1 Choochoo Park presents dreams and hopes to children, and merories and nostagia to adults.

As the first railway-experiencing style resort in Korea, we invite you to a world of trains where you can enjoy with your family, friends and lovers.
In addition, we promise you that we will contribute to revitalization of the local economy through development coupled with the resources in the southern region of Gangwon Province, which is a coal mine area, and lead the railway culture and tourism industry in Korea.

Thank you.