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Switchback Train


A Switchback Train with memories and romance alive

It is the only steam-type sightseeing train in Korea that operates the switchback (zigzag) section. It has reproduced the image of the old steam locomotive as it was, and it is made up of stove carriage, old-fashioned VIP photo-zone carriage, and open-air carriage so that you can feel a quite different atmosphere.

Service Fare

Classification Fare
Switchback Train (1 person) 10,000 won

* Group Policy: 30 persons or more

* Free boarding for infants under 24 months of age / Normal fare for children over 24 months old.

Information for users

Information for users
If you want to use in a group of 20 or more persons, please separately contact us by phone.
Cancellation and change after operating (departure) time are not permitted. (See refund policy)
Duplicate discounts are not allowed.
The discount rate will be applied after confirming the identification documents such as identification card at the time of on-site ticketing.
Standing is not allowed.
  • Monthly suspension date (vehicle regular check) / operating time adjustment, etc. of Switchback Train are posted on the homepage.
  • - In order to operate the switchback train safely and to maintain fair trade, all or part of the user's ticketing rights is subject to be cancelled by the authority of the Company in the following cases.
  • - If the normal operation of the switchback train ticketing system has been significantly impeded.
Tips for use and safety Be sure to follow the instructions of the crew when boarding and getting off the train and when you are inside the vehicle.
Please be sure to hold the handle of the vehicle as it may cause injury due to a sudden stop.
For safety, please do not run or play at the boarding or alighting platform, and refrain yourself from such behaviour as shaking the train and leaning against doors when you are inside the vehicle.
Please follow the announcement of the crew in order to get on and off quickly and safely.
  • Passengers are prohibited from doing any of the following activities in order to secure the safety of other people and maintain the orderly operation of vehicle.
  • ① Entering a place where passengers are prohibited from entering the cabin without proper reasons
  • ② Operating the doors, devices or apparatus of a vehicle without justifiable grounds
  • ③ Acts that interfere with the operation of vehicle such as throwing a dangerous object or exposing a part of your body out of the vehicle.
  • ④ Drinking or smoking in a vehicle
  • ⑤ Boarding together with the animals or plants that may cause danger to the passengers, or bringing them in the vehicle, without permission of the crew.
  • ⑥ Acts that a person, who has been infected with a contagious disease, boards the vehicle without the permission of the crew.
  • ⑦ Acting to disrupt the passengers by selling, distributing goods or urging them to buy goods, etc. in the vehicle
  • ⑧ Other acts contrary to the safe operation of the railway and the maintenance of order of others
After the vehicle is completely stopped, please follow the crew instructions to get on and off.
Children and elderly people must board with guardians, and attention must be paid to them.
Policy for refund Cancellation before service time (boarding time) is possible, but neither cancellation nor refund are available after vehicle departure.