A unique accommodation-type Train-Vill that presents you a special day.

Create unique memories from your train pension with this unique accommodation facility, created by retrofitting the actual train.

Available Area

Classifications Number of rooms Room Size (m²) Number of persons
Train-Vill 8 rooms Around 10 pyeong (33.4m²) Capacity: 2 persons (Max 3 persons)

Room rates

Classifications Normal Price Off-season Quasi-season Peak season
(Sunday to Thursday)
Weekends & Public Holidays
(The day before Friday, Saturday, straight holidays, and public holidays)
(Sunday to Thursday)
Weekends & Public Holidays
(The day before Friday, Saturday, straight holidays, and public holidays)
Room rates 180,000 won 70,000 won 100,000 won 80,000 won 120,000 won 150,000 won
Term - 11/1 ~ 3/31 4/1 ~ 7/21
8/16 ~ 10/31
7/22 ~ 8/15

Room configuration

Train-Vill Room Configuration
Room configuration One room type: Bed (Double bed) * 1, Living room with kitchen, Toilet * 1
Fixtures / Consumables Towels: Face towels (for 2 persons)
Fixtures: Hair dryer, flashlight, sofa, TV, microwave, rice cooker, tableware, pot, frying pan, knife, cutlery etc.
Consumables: Toiletries (soap, shampoo, rinse, tissue paper, slippers)

* Policy for Change/Cancellation/Default of Reservation: 80% refund for the cancellation before 4 days from the booked date, 70% refund for the cancellation before 3 days, 50% refund for the cancellation before 2 days, 30% refund for the cancellation before 1 day from the reserved date, and no refund for the cancellation and no-show on the day of scheduled stay. So, please make a careful reservation.

* Cancellations due to customer's simple change of mind, or a mistake made by customer will be handled according to the Policy for Change/Cancellation/Default of Reservation.

※ Please check once more at the time of payment!

  • Be sure to check the details of your room reservation at the Check-in Center, and you can enter the room assigned to you after you have filled out the registration card. Check-in time is from 14:00 on the day of use (from 15:00 on the peak season). Rooms are allocated arbitrarily (in the order of room maintenance), and you cannot change the room after assignment. For extra bed, additional cost of 10,000 won per bed (quilt, blanket, pillow) will be charged per day. For additional towel, additional cost (Face Towel 1,000 won / Bath Towel 2,000 won) will be charged. A surcharge of 15,000 won per extra person(over 24 months old) will be charged per night when the number of person to stay exceeds the capacity of person per room, and it must be paid at the time of check-in.
  • Check-out must be made by 11:00 AM. In case of check-out delay, 5,000 won will be charged for every 30 minutes, and after 15:00 pm, one night rate will be additionally charged. For the following customers, please make sure to clean the kitchen and collect garbage separately before check-out. Please check all the rooms before check-out, and submit the checklist, which you have received when check-in, to the Check-in Center after checking the list before check out. There is an extra charge of 11,000 won when you lose your room key.
Clearing Service
  • For the rooms where a customer stays for 3 nights or more, the rooms will be cleaned once for free (Room cleaning shall be requested in advance). Please note that if you request to change or to clean the room when you stay less than 3 nights, extra charge will be imposed separately. (Including VAT of 30,000 won)
  • When going out / going to bed, check the balcony or other window lock. Room doors are auto-locking, but windows are not automatically locked. Valuables should be kept at the Check-in Center or personally. Please note that we are not responsible for lost valuables that are not stored. For the sake of your safety, we limit the use of portable cooking utensils (gas, grill, burner, charcoal) in the room (inside the room). Please refrain from cooking foods, such as roasting meat (fish / meat), that cause smoke for a comfortable room environment. Please note that you may be charged an additional cleaning fee of 30,000 won for violations. For cooking foods, such as grilling meat (fish / meat), that cause smoke, it is recommended for you to cook on the terrace or outdoors. Be careful about the risk of damaging the floor deck when using charcoal. You may be charged for reimbursement for damage. Rooms have interior furnishings and various facilities. Please be careful not to cause safety accidents due to carelessness of children. After smoking on the balcony, do not throw cigarette butts out. (Fire hazard) Before check-out, please separate the garbage in the room and leave it in front of the entrance of the room, and clean the dishes and other arrangements. Breakage, damage or loss of the furnishings in the room during your stay causes you to reimburse for such damages. (If glassware is broken, please contact the check-in center.) (033-550-7801) Room slippers are for indoor use only. Please do not use them outside the room. Please refrain from such actions as loudly singing in the late time or giving inconveniences to other person when you stay. Acquired items will be accepted and stored at the check-in center (033-550-7801), and will be shipped by courier (pickup fee) after confirmation upon customer request. Pets are not allowed in the camping site. When you bring a pet, you will be asked to leave with your pet.