Experience Facilities


Mini Train


Mini Train, giving imagination and impression to children.

Mini Train that gives children imagination and impression. As an experience facility, that circulates ecological ponds in the Choochoo Station Complex, by implementing the trains from around the world into miniatures, children will be able to imagine their dreams and adventures.

Safety has been secured through the performance test of the Japan Small Steam Locomotive Suppliers Association and the insepection by the Amusement Facility Association.

  • Around Choochoo Station

    About 700m (1 time circulation)

  • Steam train

    2 trains

  • Electric train

    2 trains

  • Average speed 3km/h

    Experience time: 10 min

Ticket Price

Classification Fare
Mini Train (1 person) 4,000 won

* Frequent operation (Wait and board when the train is in service.)

* Boarding criteria: Only the children aged 5 to 13 years can board.

Service Schedule

Classification Service Time
Quausi-season/Off-season Frequent service (every 15 minutes)

Information for Booking

Information for Booking
Tickets for Mini Train are sold on a first-come-first-served basis with no seat designation.
Tips for use and safety For your safety, please do not run or play at the boarding / drop-off place. Please listen to the explanation of the safety personnel for speedy and safe boarding and getting off.
When riding or getting out of the vehicle, you must follow the guides and instructions of our safety personnel and follow the instructions on the safety signs that appear while driving.
There is no storage box in the Mini Train, so keep your belongings such as cell phones, keys, and coins separately, and we will not be held responsible for lost items.
Please be sure to hold the handle of the vehicle as it may cause injury due to a sudden stop.
Be sure to observe the specified boarding capacity and boarding criteria for safety.
  • Passengers are prohibited from carrying out any of the following activities while driving to keep order for others and to safely operate the Mini Train.
  • ① Arbitrary operation of apparatus or equipment of Mini Train without justifiable reasons
  • ② Activities disrupting the operation of vehicle while driving such as playing with fellow passensers, taking photos, springing up from your seat, throwing a dangerous object or exposing part of your body out of the vehicle.
  • ③ Shaking the vehicle or unauthorised alighting from the Mini Train while driving
  • ④ Putting down your feet from the footboard or putting your hands and feet between the wheels and the rails while driving
  • ⑤ Drinking or smoking in a vehicle while driving
  • ⑥ Any other acts that interfere with the maintenance of order for others and the safe operation of Mini Train
After the vehicle is completely stopped, follow the instructions of the safety personnel to get on and off.
Please check your personal belongings before getting off the train.
Refund Policy Cancellation before service time (boarding time) is possible, but neither cancellation nor refund are available after vehicle departure.